A mindful awareness of space is at the core of our attention to art. To us, poetry — composition, experience, news of the universe — is fundamental to the study of the placement of people on earth. The question “where are you?" initiates a poetic topology that infuses ideas of interrelation & arrangement with compassion.

Like a castle in the sky, LuNaMoPoLiS is a city on the moon. As inhabitants we are willing to ask questions that shape our lives from within. There is an organic expansion outward that is grounded in the sod of conversation. We spend a lot of time talking about thinking about what others are thinking about talking about. We are humans at work.

print editions exploring a wide-range of approaches to poiesis
an independent publisher of poetry & other sorts of words
Men Women Dogs Flowers...
by Joseph Braun (poetry, 49 pp., 2016)
by Alan Mudd (poetry, 109 pp., 2013)
No. 3: On Your Person
phenomenological explorations in publishing (2014)
No. 2: Please Do Touch
phenomenological explorations in publishing (2013)
Est. 2012 in Boulder, Colorado, America
by Alan Mudd and Tootles Methuselah